Construction-Gerald Slaughter Mini

Above are photos of the construction of the mini banjo I'm presently building.  (1)The tone ring was made from a brass bushing from a water pump.  (3)My friend Andy turned it out on his metal lathe.  (2)The rim was made by gluing-up rings sawed out of maple.  (4,5,6,7)I turned the rim out on my $100 Chinese wood lathe.  (8)The flange was made by engraving the pattern on a piece of sheet brass.  (9,10,12,13,14)I then drilled all the holes in it and sawed the remainder out with a jigsaw mounted upside down in my workmate table.  (11)I used a file to smooth out the roughness.  (15,16)Holes for the bracket shoes were drilled around the rim using a drill press.  (17,18,19,20)I made the tension hoop by cutting down an old Dixie Uke banjo tension hoop. It took a while to do it, but it really worked well. After I removed all the unnecessary metal, I used a pocket knife to peel off the chrome plating. It will be nickel plated later.  (21)The bracket shoe and tension hoop nuts and bolts had to be shortened to fit the mini pot assembly.  (22,23,24)The pot was test assembled for proper fit. A Dixie Uke head was used for the mini banjo.  (25)The neck blank was made by sawing a piece of curly maple into two halves to form book-matched pieces. They were sanded smooth on my red-neck sander that I made from plywood and a lawnmower part.  (26,27)Wood veneers of contrasting colors were cut and glued between the book-matched pieces of maple. (28,29)I squared up the top of the blank with a table saw, and cut the peghead angle with a band saw.   (30)Another set of veneers were cut and glued to the top of the blank where the finger board will be mounted later.

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